Writing for us

On MondoFutbol many friends, specialists and great experts in international football are writing.

Spread all over the world, wherever a round ball rolls.

People in love with football and able to narrate generously this passion of the contemporary man.

Legends, stories and characters, of course. Without, however, forgetting the narration of the technical gesture, of the athletic effort, of the tactical wisdom, life-blood of this passion.

We introduce them in alphabetical order and we thank them one by one with sincere admiration and gratitude for all their contributions so essential for the growth of MondoFutbol’s project.

Daniele Adani :

Daniele Adani

Damiano Benzoni :

Damiano Benzoni

Stefano Borghi :

Stefano Borghi

Andrés Botero :

Andrés Botero

Edgardo Broner :

Edgardo Broner

Federico Buffa :

Federico Buffa

Valerio Clari :

Valerio Clari

Stefano Conforti :

Stefano Conforti

Alec Cordolcini :

Alec Cordolcini

Andrea De Benedetti :

Andrea De Benedetti

Fabio Fava :

Fabio Fava

Arturo Ferrari :

Arturo Ferrari

Aguante Futbol :

Aguante Futbol

Paolo Galassi :

Paolo Galassi

Paolo Galli :

Paolo Galli

Nicholas Gineprini :

Nicholas Gineprini

Mauro F. Giorgio :

Mauro F. Giorgio

Patrícia Gregorio :

Patrícia Gregorio

Saman Javadi :

Saman Javadi

Thabet Kahri :

Thabet Kahri

Laura Landa :

Laura Landa

Gianluca Lia :

Gianluca Lia

Carlalberto Ludi :

Carlalberto Ludi

Robert Madoi :

Robert Madoi

Marco Maioli :

Marco Maioli

Dassler Marques :

Dassler Marques

Oussama Mazari :

Oussama Mazari

Luca Momblano :

Luca Momblano

Marcello Pelizzari :

Marcello Pelizzari

Alessandro Penna :

Alessandro Penna

Alessio Perrone :

Alessio Perrone

Simone Pierotti :

Simone Pierotti

Jacopo Piotto :

Jacopo Piotto

Leonardo Piva :

Leonardo Piva

Giuseppe Platania :

Giuseppe Platania

Miguel Quintana :

Miguel Quintana

Enrico Reggiani :

Enrico Reggiani

Abel Rojas :

Abel Rojas

Davide Rota :

Davide Rota

Luca Savignani :

Luca Savignani

Adriano Seu :

Adriano Seu

Jvan Sica :

Jvan Sica

Fabrizio Tanzilli :

Fabrizio Tanzilli

Valentino Tola :

Valentino Tola

Gianmaria Vacirca :

Gianmaria Vacirca

Norman Varas :

Norman Varas

Enrico Varrecchione :

Enrico Varrecchione

Carlos Enrique Villamil Sánchez :

Carlos Enrique Villamil Sánchez


Giovanni Biasi