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Timothy Castagne



By Aniello Luciano – 4 August 2015
Technical Skills

Offensive: Good pace and remarkable progression, with and without ball. Timothy Castagne has tactical and physical skills, ideal during the offensive phase. He doesn’t hesitate when he brings the ball, head up, showing great confidence in his technical skills. Timothy may be playing as left winger too, attracted by the possibility of providing crosses, one of his peculiarities.

Defensive: precise in man-to-man marking, he is not fast in short spaces. Good in headers, Castagne can play as centre-back too, as he did some times in the past.






For better or for worse every child did the most traditional attempt: to follow in his father’s footsteps. Pierre, Timothy’s father, was a footballer (twice best goalscorer in Luxembourg Province in Belgium at the beginning of the 90’s) and it’s expected that his son grew up playing football. His familiar background is positive and decisive in Timothy’s physical development. The Belgian kid was followed with attention but without worry by his parents during Timothy’s first years at Royal Excelsior Virton. With this club Castagne jr played in youth teams until Genk U17 team coach Dimitri De Condé scouted him and quickly he convinced quickly Timothy to join his side to improve his skills. If Castagne’s recruitment was very quickly, player’s transformation into defender has been progressive. This idea bore after a league match against Cercle Brugge. Timothy’s transformation into centre back has been successive after Castagne’s debut in the first team squad in 2014. Genk coach didn’t want to break up the good defensive couple formed by Kara Mbodj (Diasse, 1989) and Christian Kabasele (Lubumbashi, 1991). Furthermore he wanted to take advantage of Timothy’s sprint. On left or right side, where Castagne usually plays, the Belgian player is always concentrated. For him since ever it has been natural choosing the right timing to anticipate his opponents but as full back he has learnt to run, with a modest pace on short distances but a great one when run intensity increases, especially in overlapping. His way of managing ball is more than good, Timothy puts it at service of the team.
Good skills in comparison with Timothy’s father career.

Player’s Description

Sensitive guy, Timothy has a strong relationship with his family. He’s determinated on the pitch, he could be rough but never unfair.


Right-back, centre-back

Pro and cons

UP: concentration, aerial ability, tackle, cross

DOWN: too much confidence in his physical skills