Adam Ounas



By Aniello Luciano – 23 October 2016
Technical Skills

Offensive. A good feeling on the right flank, where he is able to cut on the inside and to take advantage of his favourite foot, the left one, Ounas can gain important spaces on the offensive midfield, the perfect area where he may deploy a complete game-vision and a remarkable style of football, maybe searched with even too much insistency. Technique and speed allow him to quick exchanges and dribbling adventures, facts that make him unpredictable but also unripe with some choices at the opponents’ area limit and in the team-play, for example in the synchronisms with right and left-backs going up offensively.

Difensive. He is working hard to improve his defensive skills but needs to grow also physically to end his growing road began last year with the promotion to the first team.






Adam Ounas was born in Chambray-lès-Tours, a small town a few kilometres far from Loire‘s shores. His dad Hadji, is of Algerian descent and football runs in his veins, having worn ES Mostaganem‘s goalkeeper shirt in the 80’s. A passion transmitted to his son since his childhood: at 5 years-old Adam plays for Tours FC, a club he left at 15 years-old. Too slender, the opinion of his coach at that time. A label that would be applied on him, together with a certain lack of discipline, at both LB Châteauroux and FC Ouest Tourangeau, transfer stations of a short but intense career. In the latter stage he learns a lot from Stéphane Naraya and Adrien Paho‘s teachings, useful for his next decisive step: Bordeaux. In 2013 Yannick Stopyra and Arnaud Vaillant, the Girondins’ scout, discovered him in a friendly tournament between the academy centres’ reserves and, after a weekly trial, they entrust his management to Philippe Lucas, U19 coach, a team in which he would score 26 times and assist 24 in a two-years period. The average would be inferior at pro-level but would guarantee him his first real contract. After all, that Ounas had something special was evident in his debut in Ligue 1: thrown in the melee by Willy Sagnol during a match against Lorient, the guy, under heavy rain and without his name on the shirts’ shoulders, paid back his coach with a wonderful header that surprised the whole Merlu defense.
Since then, his road has been on a descent: shirt number 22, chosen in honour of Julien Faubert and Pauleta and “baptized” with a goal against Monaco in the round of 16 of Coupe de La Ligue 2015/16, some minutes in Europa League, first with Sion then with Liverpool (“I saw Anfield just on tv before” he will then say in an interview) and thunderous applause with France U20 (goal and assist in the 4-3 against their English counterpart). Exactly, the Blues national team. A love that will not last long as Adam will say “oui” to Algeria in October 2016, with an appearance in the game between Milovan Rajevac‘s Fennecs and Cameroon. Waiting for the next call, Ounas already renewed his contract with Bordeaux to whose door Napoli and Manchester United knocked at. “My aim is to stay in Bordeaux at least one more season to confirm the good things seen in the past one, hoping to score some goals and provide more assists.” Clear ideas and a future yet to be written.

Player’s Description

Errors of youth weren’t lacking. From the esclusion from Pôle Espoirs de Châteauroux, on whose reasons the guy asked to keep secret, to the chaos provoked on the social media after the match against Monaco, when, beyond compliments, some utents retweeted some of his past tweets between rappers’ quotes, insults (towards Deschamps for the missed call-ups of Nasri and Ben Arfa) and memories of adventures with girls, forcing Adam to delete his account. A case, the last one, that doesn’t come alone: some unfriendly sentences were launched via Periscope to Ben Yedder and Toulouse. Willy Sagnol, however, always believed in the guy’s good faith, reassuring everyone that he soon understood the importance of being careful and professional, especially in his private life. Of his big heart, besides, the facts speak for him as the gesture of giving his pro-league shirt to FC Ouest Tourangeau, one of the clubs that made him grow.


Left winger

Pro and cons

UP. Vision, control, change of direction

DOWN. Athletism, aerial game, decision timing