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By Aniello Luciano - 13 September 2016
Toulouse FC
Technical Skills

Offensive: /
Defensive: Lafont
is surprising, because he is mentally strong. Alban is an essential goalkeeper, he is sure and quick in every move. The Burkinabé player has a great leap (he should improve his “narrow” leap) and he comes out properly, covering well the goal.  Lafont manages and kicks well the ball, but he needs to improve his skills with weaker foot, especially when he is under pressure.






Burkina Faso, a little country in western Africa, is one of poorest lands in the world.
There in 1999 came into the world Alban Lafont. He was born in the capital Ouagadougou, where Alban lived with his family  until he was 9. After his parents’ divorce Lafont went to France, his father’s homeland, moving to Palavas-les-Flots, in the southern region of Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées the kid from Burkina Faso attended primary school and began his “real” football career at  AS Lattes in 2008, after having played in his hometown for Etoile Filante de Ouagadougou. These two experiences had something in common: Lafont’s role. Alban was a forward and his love for goalkeeping date back to 2014, before Alban’s move to Toulouse and thanks to TFC’s scout Julien Bonhomme.
This coach “stole” Lafont to  Yannick Stopyra, one of  the directors of Castelmaurou training centre, managed by Football French Federation.
In 2014, the same  year of his debut as goalkeeper, Alban Lafont won his first personal prize, the award of best “number one” at “Artix Tournament”, one of the best competitions for U15 players, where other talents as Anelka and Rabiot have already showed their skills. This prize and the win of his team is a turning point of Lafont’s career.
Alban has been member of several French youth national teams (he reached the final of Mondial Football Montague with U16 side and he played with U17) and Toulouse coach Dominic Arribagé called him for the first squad. At 16 years and 10 months the Burkina Faso-born became the youngest regular goalkeeper in the history of Ligue 1, beating the previous record owned by Michael Landreau. After his debut on 28th November 2015 against Nice led by Ben Arfa,  Lafont became coach first choice, forcing his colleague Ali Ahamada to leave the club in winter transfer summer. As Lorient coach Sylvain Ripoll said “talent has no age limit”. And also Toulouse executives believe in it, renewing Lafont’s contract until 2020.

Player’s Description

Alban comes from a good family and he is mild-mannered. Lafont is shy but already adult. The Burkinabé goalkeeper focus only on football and on his studies.
Thanks to his formation in his homeland (he attended a French school in Ouagadougou), Alban can continue his formation without any problem also in France.



Pro and cons

UP: Reflex, positioning, personality

DOWN: Power, he needs to improve his “narrow” leap

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