Alex Sandro



By Carlo Pizzigoni – 20 August 2015
FC Juventus
Technical Skills

Offensive skills: he could be stimulated many times in a match and supports his team with right timing. He manages well the ball, he has a good technique and he is able to use his solid body.

Defensive skills. Alex Sandro reads well the game, he gets well in position and he is not afraid to be pointed. The Brazilian full-back is quick when he starts his action, he knows how uses well his body. More generally he can improve, sometimes he is inattentive on “weak side” or when he plays far from ball.






Alex Sandro was born and grew up in Bom Pastor neighborhood in Catanduva, in the backcountry of São Paulo State, 400 kilometres from capital. He began to play at CELT (Coordenadoria de Esportes, Lazer e Turismo), the club run by Catanduva municipality. His side took part in all youth tounament in São Paulo State. Either Santos and São Paulo came to CELT’s stadium to play tests against local teams. Also Alex Sandro, considered the best player of the team, face the two big teams of São Paulo but he was rejected during “peneiras”, as test led by Brazilian clubs are called.
When Alex Sandro was 15, CELT played a tournament in Iraty, in Parana State. Before the beginning of the competition Atletico Paranaense invited Catanduva‘s club for a test, because he heard that in that team there were some talents. Among them Alex Sandro, who was invited even to play the second half with the “Hurricane”, as Curitiba team are nicknamed. CELT and Atletico find an agreement and signed player’s contact in post match. Furacão’s executives asked Alex Sandro to remain with the new team, in order to avoid offers from other clubs- So he did.
At 15 Alex was a Atletico Paranaense‘s player. 토토사이트 선수 추천 In that moment the club from Curitiba was investing a lot on structures and youth academy. The firts step was to reorganize Caju sporting centre. It has become a little “jewel”, better than many European academies. Alex Sandro continued his formation at Clube Atlético do Paranà, a feeder club created by Atletico Paranaense for youth players.
When he was 17, the guy from Catanduva debuted against Internacional thanks to “sergeant” as coach Geninho who due to players’ absences considered the teenager with his skills (a good run but short), but only the following season Alex Sandro became a regular first team player. The “old” Antonio Lopez (a coach who won everything with Vasco da Gama, included a Copa Libertadores) promoted him as midfielder, Alex Sandro’s left foot was useful especially in building play. His talent wasn’t unnoticed and General Soccer Management, a private investement fund, bought him using Uruguayan club Deportivo Maldonado as a proxy to hold the registration rights (Alex Sandro never played and din’t see club structures), but in reality the found brought him to Santos.
At Villa Belmiro (an other further step in his career, especially for his technical developement), Alex Sandro began with U20 team but he was quickly promoted to first squad. He often played as left back but adapted himself playing in a more offensive role. Together with Leo Alex were member of the team which won Campeonato Paulista and led by ace Neymar also Copa Libertadores.
Alex Sandro began to play also with Brazilian national youth team. He won South American Youth Football Championship, where the two defensive “arrows” of Seleção were Alex and Danilo. The first one went also to the U20 World Cup in 2011 in Colombia. The Brazilian national team won the championship but Alex Sandro played only few games due to an injury. It was almost inevitable an European “call” from Porto. In Portugal at the beginning former Santos player was a reserve (the regular was Palito Pereira), then he gained his space and became a key player alongside with his “twin” Danilo of the team led by coach Lopetegui which made tremble Bayern Munich in Champions League. In 2015 Danilo, in the last 30 metres one of the three fullbacks in the world, was bought byReal Madrid, Alex Sandro by Juventus.

Player’s Description

Shy, in Santos, Alex Sandro didn’t like going to parties. He built a family since young age.


Left back on-4-man-line defense (he can play also a wide midfielder in a 3-5-2)

Pro and cons

UP: quality playing on sides, good technical skills, tackling
DOWN: improve his ability to read the game, especially on weak side