Andrija Živković



By Aniello Luciano – 7 January 2016
FK Partizan
Technical Skills

Offensive. Živkovic is a unique talent because he puts together talent and quick-thinking. Thanks to his low center of gravity and an enviable ball control Andrija founds his style of play mainly on breaks with narrow dribblings or with changes of direction going to the centre of the pitch. This last one move is a sign of his play. In both cases, when Živkovic gains an advantage on this opponent, normally he provides assist or shots from a long range, one of the “weapons” which helped him to increase his number of goals. With his left foot Andrija is also dangerous as free kick taker. He is also able to play in the box and in other zones of the field, because he can follow, read the game and insert without ball.
His continuos movement helps him to call for the pass, in order to “open” close defense but Živkovic should be more purposeful when he plays far from goal.

Defensive. His height (170 cm) penalizes Andrija a bit, but Živkovic‘s attitude hides his worst lacks. He press well and thanks to his physique the Serbian guy can face heavier opponents.
The player should improve his rearrangement, especially with an uncovered defense.






In the next future, 11th July 1996 could be considered an important day for Serbian football. On that day, almost 20 years ago, Andrija Živkovic was born in Niš.
This  young talent, patrimony of FK Partizan and of Serbian national team, began to play football in the streets of Bubanji, neighborhood of Niš where play FK Car Constantin, the club which have the same of the Emperor, Constantin, who was in this Serbian town in 272 a.D First Živkovic‘s club are FK Medijana and FK Nacional Niš. In the second one, according to legend, Andrija’s  youth team won 79 games on 80 (only one tie) and conquered the championship played against guys two years older. Žile’s talent was evident to everyone.
The first team which believed in Živkovic’s qualities were Partizan. Grobari’s excecutives decided to leave him in a feder club, FK Teleoptik, where played many future international Serbian footballers. Then Žile skipped steps until the debut, which took place on 23th 2013 against Novi Pazar. In the same year  Živkovic became against Japan the youngest debutant in the history of Serbian national team (17 years and 92 days).The following season Živkovic became a regular first team player and on 4th March 2014 also the youngest captain of Partizan’s history in game against Radnicki Niš. At the end of the season Red Star Belgrade won the championship, but in the meantime the real bright star wore black and white shirt.
In the 2014-2015 season Partizan Belgrade became Serbian championship for 26th time and Živkovic improved his level and revealed himself as a key player for the team.
Until now his most important achievement for Andrija is the U20 World Cup won in 2015 in New Zealand where the talent from Niš showed all his potential.
In this season, despite of  interest of many European top clubs,  Živkovic remained in Serbia. In his homeland he is confirming his talent, despite of the bad season of his club.
In Europa League group stage Partizan Belgrade were eliminated in a incredible way but Andrija made clear that he is ready a great leap forward.

Player’s Description

If we don’t consider Živkovic‘s controversy about the renewal of this contract with Partizan in 2013, Andrija has never caused worry. For those they consider the guy a rising star of European football it’s reassuring that this Serbian talent is devote only to his passion: football. Živkovic began to play very young at senior level but he was able to stay grounded.
Andrija is kind and good-mannered with everyone and he is focused only on football, avoiding excess. The talent from Niš showed also maturity: many times he explained that he prefer playing at Partizan as long as possible in order to improve his skills but Živkovic knows that his days in Belgrad are numbered.



Pro and cons

UP: change of pace, technique, scoring ability, personality

DOWN: aerial abilities, weaker foot, passive phase