Aymane El Hassouni



By Aniello Luciano – 30 June 2015
Wydad Athletic Club Casablanca
Technical Skills

Offensive. El Hassouni is an atypical forward, a falso nueve. He comes out of the box’s heart to press or to pass. He is able to read well the game and is cold in front of goal, using his excellent physical structure and his right foot, both for finishing and gift an assist to a team-mate.

Defensive. Aymane isn’t very fast but he balances with the hard-working, strengthening some aspects like the tackle, the motion and the determination. In case of need, he can play like a midfielder.






If, in the immense heart of the old medina in Casablanca, you try to ask where the kids play football, they will answer you – : Partout! Everywhere.
In a street, in a court “de récréation” abandoned, under the lights of Place des Nations Unies, on the sand of Aïn Diab.
The instability of sand to improve the technique, the asphalt to prove the hardness of what is more than a hobby in Western Morocco. It’s a life-style, if not a metaphore of life itself. The one of Aymane El Hassouni, for sure.
In this case the recent Tournoi de Toulone, that saw Wydad Athletic Club‘s forward between the best players, represents the moment when you have to change for yourself and the others, to get in a different role in front of an accident. You leave your starting position, as a maximum vertex in a 4-2-3-1 and you remain in the back-line, trying to help your injured teammate (Habib Allah Dahmani, Mas Fes’ midfielder, in the Mexico game), trying to do your best.
Because, at the end, you’re already lucky enough to be there.
And the young Moroccan, close to a call in the first team of his club, can be grateful to Hassan Benabicha (Khémisset, 1964), the coach following him since 2013 (Mediterranean Games, gold medal, and Francophonie games). Maybe with the Olympic delusion the cherry on the cake is still missing (defeat in the final against France) but El Hassouni, used to metaphors, knows it’s all about sliding doors.
Up and down, role to role, for tactical matters. Free to move, lateral and, starting from where he began, in the middle of the area, where he shows his will to arrive, the one of a whole nation. Of a National Team that wants to thrill.
So Aymane is running, does not give any reference point, looking for space or a mistake from the opponent, treating with cure and respect what is the principal object of this sport.
Up and down, from the circle of the area till the one in the middle of the pitch, proposing a passing game as the Atlantic waves crash towards the sand where he learnt to be generous, to sacrify himself for the group. Round is the ball to be kicked between the goalposts in the sand, round is the sun fading behind his shoulders.

Player’s Description

Sensible and willing, Aymane is a guy with a quiet life, between football, family (husband and father of two beautiful children) and friends. In June 2016 he was the victim of a traffic accident in which he fractured his shoulder. After the surgery, he was back to training with the same self-sacrifice.



Pro and cons

UP: individual technique, fighting spirit.

DOWN: pressing times, area presence and aerial game, concreteness.

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