Bence Mervó



By Aniello Luciano – 10 June 2015
Győri ETO FC
Technical Skills

Offensive: his original position was winger, but thanks to his physical growth, he began to play mainly as center forward. Mervó has become an atypical “number 9”. who doesn’t dislike “dirty football” and he could be decisive if he plays in space and in progression. Mervó‘s ball control isn’t so fine, but it’s difficult stopping while he is running. He kicks well with a precise and powerful shot.

Defensive: defending isn’t one of his main skills, but Mervó is useful when he puts pressure on his opponents especially in the construction of the game. It’s also useful Mervó’s sacrifice in coverage. It helps his teammates to take their position again.






In Hungarian mythology “óriások”  were beings of enormous size,  Golyat which lived in the gorges of pre-carpathian plateau in northern Hungary at the midpoint between the Laws of Good and the Laws of Evil in a place called Middle-World”. It’s colour, but from these lands now comes Bence  Mervó, a giant (190 cm, 80 kg) who has descended from the Carpathian Mountains in order to frighten young defenders all over the world. A player appeared almost from nothing, who is followed as a shadow by a persistence made of small gestures of pure brutal instinct. No curfew, because Hungarian striker is harmless and Bence did only what he was in his nature: score in every manner.
Even at the cost of uprooting the terrain where  Mervó grew up, on the left sideline of the field.
A unexpected transplanting which would be not successful without self-sacrifice of this 21 -yers-old from Mosonmagyaróvár and without Bernd Storck‘s strong ideas, current Hungarian football team coach and former U-20 coach. He transformed him into a old-style “number 9”. That’s incredible if you think that Bence risked not to play at U20 World Cup in New Zealand due to an annoying injury. For the former Győri ETO FC striker it wasn’t the first one during his career. Maybe also for this reason Mervó has put aside for a while the excitement and the freedom to look the opponents’ goal and then to point it alone or after an exchange with one of his teammates on the edge of adversary’s penalty area. Now in the last 16 metres his best virtue is pacience. The same quality he needs to study and to play from his father and coach who introduced him to football. Between those first steps in this wonderful sport and Bence‘s goals in Oceania a lot of time has passed but this wait has been well paid. No one could imagine that  Mervó would be called “Mr Goal” and become the fourth Hungarian player to score hat-trick in a World Cup, 33 years after Laszlo Kiss.

Player’s Description

Modest guy, Mervó has many childhood dreams. One of them is playing in Fc Barcelona. He has not only commitment and personality, but also respect for teammates and coach


Forward or winger

Pro and cons

UP: powerful, opportunist

DOWN: slow ball drain, he lacks of team work