Bingourou Kamara



By Aniello Luciano – 6 September 2015
FC Tours
Technical Skills


Thanks to his impressive physique, Kamara makes the most of his build and responsiveness to cover the goal both when diving and coming out. While he shows speed and plasticity when parrying high angles shots, he still struggles at saving low shots and commanding in the goal area. He has a nice touch on the ball and a good throw, but he must gain some consistency.






Hurepoix, an old province of Paris, has always had a reputation for being a land of conciliation. Here is where the hostilities between the Huguenots and the French King’s army came to an end (1567, Battle of Saint-Denis), and where politicians, poets, musicians and footballers were born in more recent years, in the restful green of Longjumeau, just next to the capital. As for football, in 1996 Bingorou Kamara, sons of African immigrants (Senegalese and Mauritanian origins) added to a list which already included Jérémy Menez and Benjamin Mendy. His childhood spent playing in the park, trying not to send the ball in the river, he attended an academy not far from home, in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, where he offered to substitute for the injured benjamin as a goalkeeper, a position he fell in love with and has never left ever since, leaving behind a past as a centre-back. At the age of 11, Kamara had his first experience far from his family, at Brétigny. The move was supported by the generosity of the then coach Habib, who regarded the young boy as a son, even when, after a switch to INF Clairefontaine, his growth was unexpectedly stunted due to a long injury, and a 16-year-old youngster is forced to leave the famous national training centre and is welcomed back to Brétigny. But after a brief stint, it’s time to pack again as Bing ou Bigou, as his friends nickname him, is eyed by FC Tours. With Les Ciel et Marine Kamara exploded, playing a primary role as his team wins the French youth league beating Evian on penalties, which earned him a call-up for the 2015’s U19 European Championship and a place in the senior squad, coached by Olivier Pantaloni. In Ligue 2, he rapidly wins 20ish appearances and keeps his place as a starter in the next season. Not for long, probably. With his contract expiring in 2017 and his impressive qualities, his future is likely to be elsewhere.

Player’s Description

Both France supporters and internet users were impressed by the skill played again Greece U19 (tunnel with the outside of his foot to Petros Orfanidis), but also (negatively) by the clashes in the closing minutes of a game against Ajaccio. That nervousness doesn’t belong (for now) to the player, who is known for leading a quiet life.



Pro and cons

UP: Confidence, responsiveness, room for improvement, opposing penalties

DOWN: Character, control of the goal area, consistency