Chadrac Akolo



By Aniello Luciano – 5 April 2017
FC Sion
Technical Skills

Offensive: Due to his low centre of gravity and explosiveness Chadrac Akolo is one of the best talented young players of Swiss Super League. The football style of FC Sion coached by Zeidler enhances the skills of their forwards and Congolese striker has improved his scoring record, even if he lacks in precision considering the number of shots. A poor rate which is the consequence of a too instinctive style of playing, characterised by short or long burning sprints but also by poor goal efficacy. At the very beginning of his career, FC Bex player Akolo expressed his talent without any control, to the extent that he would go offside countless times is if he had no conception of the rules. Nevertheless, he already showed his scoring talent even if due to his speed he mainly played as a winger, but his loan at Neuchâtel Xamax was a turning point as he has become a modern central forward with an improved goal accuracy, able to play back to the goal as few other strikers in Switzerland are able to do. He has a remarkable first touch (sign of a good technique) and he uses it to dribble his marker before firing precise and powerful shots, even with his weaker foot.

Defensive: if he plays as winger or offensive midfielder, he traced back well when his team is not in possession. However Akolo does his best when his side can control the game.






Mediterranean Sea blue and Football-Club Bex light blue are the colours that marked Akolo‘s arrival in Europe. The former recalls the sea that Chadrac crossed on a boat, the latter refers to the jersey he wore in Switzerland. At 15 Akolo, who is son of a new Apostolic Church minister, arrived in the Swiss Confederation, in Canton of Vaud, as refugee. Poverty and football are main elements of Akolo’s childhood in Kinshasa, DR Congo, where he was born. Her kicked everything he could, even old rolled clothes. Chadrac’s friends and relatives understood soon that barefoot guy wouldn’t only play on clay pitches. So he joined FC Corbeau, later renamed FC Magnifique, a small club whose chairman was former Anderlecht and TP Mazembe striker  Patou Kabangou. Akolo trained in Ndjiji, another Kinshasa neighbourhood not far from Chadrac’s home and from  the city airport which sparked his dreams of flying to Europe, where his family (his mother , his two sisters and one brother) had settled. So Akolo, born in 1995, found himself in an immigration reception centre in Bex.
He was afraid of being repatriated but also happy to play in the local side, even if his parents would have preferred to see him working as electrician or bricklayer. At that time, without any doubt, the intercession of FC Bex youth coach Anthony Tagan played a role of paramount importance. And so did his father, first team coach Raphaël Tagan, who also believed in Akolo’s skills and the two insisted on that gifted guy with great room for improvement. Skills that Chadrac showed for example during a friendly match against Aigle, where he came up out of the blue to replace an injured teammate scoring twice. FC Sion and Basle also decided to invest on Akolo’s future and invited him for a trial. The young talent wasn’t happy with FCB offer so, following a second trial invitation by Sion technical director Blaise Piffaretti, he accepted their offer. The trial gave positive response and Akolo joined the U-18 side, winning the Swiss Youth Football Cup in 2013. In the following years he alternated the U-21 team (14 goals in two seasons) with some appearances in first team, debuting in the final minutes of a Swiss Super League match against Fc Saint Gallen. During the 2016 winter transfer window Chadrac was loaned to second division club Neuchâtel Xamax, coached by Michael Decaster, a man that Akolo sees as a second father. Thanks to his performances (16 games, 9 goals and three assists) FC Sion decided to retain him. Despite his growth under Didier Tholot‘s management, the appointment of Peter Zeidler as new coach was fundamental for Chadrac’s breakthrough, that ended his season as one the best ten African strikers in Europe by finding the net 8 times. Despite the proposal to play for the Swiss National team, Akolo considers himself African. “[…] I couldn’t play for DR Congo youth teams due to administrative problems […] If the coach wants to call me up I’m ready to serve my country. […]” Florent Ibengé‘s call came soon, even if he was eventually ruled out of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations final squad and an injury prevented him to play in a friendly match against Kenya some days ago. Chadrac knows that his debut will come soon, just like the likely Akolo‘s departure from Sion (according to some rumours the Kinshasa-born striker could join French side Saint-Etienne). Valais-based club hope that Akolo could provide good performances and help them to win the 2016-2017 Swiss Cup. Sion won the trophy for the last time in 2015 and for Akolo that could be an occasion to gain a title playing in a leading role.

Player’s Description

“Watching my sister rejecting a yogurt seemed me unreal”. Akolo has the humilty to those who have grown up in the need and he is still shocked by the luxury of his new life as a footballer. For this reason Chadrac is thankful for what he has received and he is working hard to keep this status. Akolo is level-headed and goes to church whenever he can.
In his spare time he prefers reading, especially French authors.


Winger, centre-forward

Pro and cons

UPS: attacking in depth, sprint, ball control, great ability to play back to the goal

DOWNS: not cold-blooded, too much confidence in his physical skills