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Dawid Kownacki



By Aniello Luciano – 29 August 2015
Lech Poznan
Technical Skills

Offensive: a striker who likes playing deep and attacking empty space from every  part of the field.
Even if Kownacki prefers playing on both flanks (left or right side, that’s no difference) thanks to an agile pace, a sure ball control and a great insight into the game. Due to Dawid’s big possibility to improve, in the future Polish striker could play closer to the goal, as he has already done. In this way Kownacki could improve his ability to score (Dawid is able to find the right position in penalty area and he avoids well offside) or transforms into an assist-man (5 in 56 professional matches)

Defensive: defending is one of Kownacki‘s weakest points, because he used to attack more than defending. Despite Dawid learnt a lot during training sessions, Polish player hasn’t the right posture to cover space in tackles and he lacks the ability to recover. His physique (185 cm x 75 kilos), stamina and determination could bring him to a huge tactical development.






Kownacki‘s relationship with the ball is so premature and deep that the scouts of Lech Poznan, one of the clubs with best tradition in Poland were surprised. At that time Dawid was 8 and he has never left his football “home”, GKP Gorzow Wielkopolski, the best youth academy in Kownacki’s hometown. However this offer is impossible to refuse. Lech Poznan youth training centre is one hour far from Dawid’s home. A perfect distance to feed a dream of a guy who since his childhood has a huge talent. Kownacki’s parents (his father was an amateur footballer) helped him everyday. In Poznan the young player spent his childhood and adolescence moving so quickly. Dawid became the youngest goalscorer in the history of Młoda Ekstraklasa (juniores football championship). Before joining the first team. Kownacki is just bit more than 16 years. In  the first 20 minutes (summed up in three matches) as profesional player he scored entering the list of the five youngest goalscorer in the Polish First Division. After these games in 20 minutes he played against Piast Gliwice providing two assists and in his debut with U17 national team Kownacki scored a brace (Poland were eliminated in Elite Group by Turkey led by Enes Ünal) Dawid isn’t only a debutant anymore but the future of Polish national team. His development was slowed down by injuries and Lech believed so much in Kownacki’s skills that they refused offers from important European clubs, first of all Red Salzburg, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Monaco. Lech’s executives blocked with a buyout clause more expensive than those for Robert Lewandowski and Łukasz Teodorczyk. The confiance is mutual. Kownacki signed a new contract and led the team to win the Polish championship, the seventh title of Lech’s history. Furthermore the guy debuted also in Europa League. Now he faces another injury (he suffers brain concussion during Champions League qualification against FK Sarajevo) but from  hospital Dawid doesn’t surrender. After all he has already said. “I didn’t want to rush into things, but follow Lewandowski’s footsteps”. “Zibi” Boniek, Polish, with whom he befriended on social networks, thinks he could.

Player’s Description

A generous and  friendly guy. In July 2015 he donated 5000 Polish zloty, a compensation for a bet  lost with a fan (Kownacki promised to score more than 10 goals in a single season e.d). His first years shows his ability to manage pression.



Pro and cons

UP: change of pace, dribbling, sense of goalscoring, good technique, personality

DOWN: physical skills to improve, defensive phase, continuity