Demarai Gray



By Aniello Luciano – 17 July 2015
Birmingham City
Technical Skills

Offensive. His technical skill is at the service of an elegant run. In brief this is Gray’s profile. He is a wing who can play in both sidebands and in more central positions, like a second striker. He is not afraid of the face to face duels despite he is not physically powerful. He has a good vision of the game and quick thinking. Both characteristics are useful to provide assist and end the action.

Defensive. He still has to grow physically to complete his tactical formation. Anyway he is generous and tries to do his best in the defensive phase, listening to his coach and teammates instructions.






Maybe it will be for that surname that might suggest dangerous waves between uncertainty and fall into amorality, maybe it will be for his Jamaican origins that suggest a genetic makeup adapt to fast speed, that Demaray Gray, young talent of Birmingham City, did not hesitate to sign a contract extension (until June 2018) with the Bluenoses, refusing the temptations of English powerships. Clear deals, short runs. The day when someone will lay out the red carpet under his sneakers will arrive, but today the Premier League stages are observed from the audience stands, confused between many, inside a Three Lion shirt still too wide, and not just for a missed physical development. He lives of simple things, Demarai: family, training pitch and friends. And as a calm and quiet person, as he defines himself, he did not want to to anything crazy. Sweet thoughts for one that moved his first steps at Cadbury Athletic, an amateur team in Birmingham linked to the local chocolate factory. West Midlands, home, inner peace, we would say. With that wisdom of an adult he is waiting that the pitch honours his suggestive surname and that dna. Ball to the foot, right or left doesn’t matter too much, he moves with the grace of a Caraibic one-hundred-metres runner, without having the same linearity, inspired so much by the art of dribbling as well as by the desire of learning, all, fast, even risking something. At the end, inside or outside the lane, what matters is crossing the final line, that in his case is a perfecet cross or especially a goal. Goals, something that the winger, better if a left one in the 4-2-3-1 of Gart Rowett (Bromsgrove, 1974), is hungry of. More, always more. Not just the six goals at the first very trial with the first team, with a three-goals score to Reading. To get better and to improve, these are the guy’s imperatives. For this “Dimmy”, how he’s called by the teammates, is not used to half measures, impudent till the limits of education. That then, paradoxically, is the right point to get it right between next-big-thing hopes and the reality consisting of a guy in continuous evolution.

Player’s Description

He defines himself “a quiet and conscientious person” but sometimes he acts without fear on and outside the pitch.



Pro and cons

UP: speed, technique, mindset.

DOWN: defensive game, physical structure, discontinuity.

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