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Emanuel Cecchini



By Aniello Luciano – 17 July 2017
Club Atlético Banfield
Technical Skills

Offensive. Emanuel Cecchini is the perfect fit for the left-hand defensive midfielder position in the typical coach Julio Falcioni’s 4-2-3-1 formation, better known in Argentina as doble cinco (double 5), related to the two holding midfielders protecting the defensive line and setting up their attacking teammates. He’s extremely confident of his technical skills, especially with his right foot which can unleash long-range powerful and precise shots. He boasts some elegant passing abilities, coupled with good pace. He can run without the ball, with a penchant for offensive raids and first touch passes.

Defensive. Cecchini shows a good sense of order in the midfield, also highlighting a nice chemistry with his peer Eric Remedi — when the latter plays defensively, Cecchini usually presses high up the pitch with good timing. He’s athletically gifted, so that he can easily fix bad positioning, sometimes with last-second interceptions. Again, he gets the most out of his good timing when he tries to win back the ball, helped by his ability to anticipate his opponent. The Argentine also protects the ball efficiently, 문도풋볼(MondoFutbol) even though he sometimes tends to overdo and give too many touches when he’s pressed.






Since his birth, EmanuRodrigo el Cecchini used to jump the gun. He was born in 1996, on Christmas Eve in Ingeniero Luis A. Huergo, an Argentinian town located in the Rio Negro Province and named after the first engineer in the history of the South American country. There Cecchini used to spend his days playing with the ball and this habit pushed Emanuel’s father Noel to enroll his son in Club Social y Deportivo Huergo. He would leave the local side just to join Banfield. After several trials Cecchini was selected to play in “El Taladro” youth academy. Emanuel was the only one who left his home moving to Banfield boarding school. There he stayed until 2010 (he was playing in the U-14 side) before moving to Lomas de Zamora, where Cecchini came closer to the senior squad. The decisive approach took place in 2013, as Banfield appointed manager Daniel Garnero after the club was relegated to the third tier. The new coach called him up during the winter break. The hard work on Mar del Plata shores didn’t weaken the spirit of the then-16-year-old player: he showed to be ready to play with senior footballers. Thanks to youth coordinator Fernando Cinto, Miguel Robinson “Pico” Hernández and Atilio Valdez, respectively Cecchini’s U-16 and U-17 coaches, Emanuel signed his first pro contract and debuted against Defensa y Justicia. He replaced Juan Garcia in the stoppage time of the match of the season. The man who complimented Cecchini after his debut was Matías Almeyda, who had become Banfield manager two months before and would bring the club back to the first division in the following season.
“He is a great coach, appreciated by anyone. Almeyda gives importance and confidence to young players. I talk a lot with him and Gabriel Amato (“El Pelado”’s assistant),” Cecchini said. After familiarising with Primera División (a game played in 2014-2015 season, two in 2015-2016) and reaching U-20 national team call up, in September 2016 Cecchini became a regular first team starter under Julio’s Falcioni guidance, also thanks to a remarkable muscle growth. Just a month later Cecchini helped Banfield to defeat Club Atlético San Martín by scoring a goal. Inter Milan were impressed by his displays and, in collaboration with Genoa, they warded off competition from Siviglia, Basel and Villarreal. The last Banfield player to join the Nerazzurri was none other than Javier Zanetti and following in his footsteps would be Emanuel’s dream. However, leaving a trace in Argentinian Cup before moving to Europe could be a good way to start.

Player’s Description

An optimistic and level-.headed guy, Emanuel Cecchini communicates with the sensitivity typical of his age. He is shy facing media, but his personality is fully formed also due to his long experience living alone far from home. As soon as he can Cecchini returns to his hometown Ingeniero Luis A. Huergo to visit his family (three brothers, one of them plays for Banfield and one younger sister) and his old friends. That is the only outlet for a talent whose main aim has always been to become a professional player at the cost of leaving school after junior high school. What stands out in Cecchini is his charisma, well recognised by his teammates at Banfield. He puts first the triumph of all the team members, considering them “life companions” and thanking those who helped him to become a man and a footballer. After all, if your mother is a school official and your father is a chauffeur, discipline and order are in your DNA.


Central midfielder

Pro and cons

UPs: tactical understanding of the game, energy, precise and powerful kick

DOWNS: too confident of his skills, header