Emre Mor



By Bruno Bottaro – 7 July 2016
Borussia Dortmund
Technical Skills

Offensive. From his first games at Brønshøj, Emre was used on the whole offensive slot.
His tiny height brought him often on the flanks of the offensive park, but the Turkish-Danish boy showed that he could also do the central forward job with quality, almost at the last times at Nordsjaelland.
The comparison with Leo Messi is easy and already over-done, but we can try for a more idoneous comparison with Paulo Dybala‘s offensive positioning.
Mor is good with passes, duets with his teammates, and tends to set the playing times, slowing down or accelerating the play through a great skill that brings him often beyond his opponent easily.
His fundamental weakness was already noted by him: when he’s not in the best condition, he tends to be isolated from the team. He’s already all the time to get better, and more fundamental in the goal-scoring zone.

Defensive. In the last National Team friendly against Montenegro he also impressed his observers because of his defensive attitude helping his teammates. When he plays as a winger, which it may happen quite often of course with the National team, Emre Mor can be helpful to his mates. He runs a lot, but has to work harder to be constant also as a main striker.






24th July 1997: Brønshøj, North-Western district of CopenhagenEmre Mor is born. Son of immigrants of Turkish descent, his destiny is among those millions Gastarbeiter (guest-workers, not casually a German term) that left Anatolia in the Seventies and in the Eighties to find luck in Europe.
Although his growth is not in the near Germany, where the Turkish community is of course richer.
In Denmark Emre grows far from the football spotlights, anyway thanks to a great football school that in the last years gave to the world many talents, sons of a Country that is changing its skin. And so, while the Danish National Team brings home Pione Sisto, ’95-born Midtjylland talent, the young Emre got some presence coins with the Danish Under 17 National Team, where he did not shine at all.
Emre Mor was playing in the Lyngby youth teams, always not far from the capital city, and his physical conditions are clear. Too skinny, too small for the football élite.
And so, Emre’s career has to wait a little more that nature makes his work: growing.
Just two years pass and all the eyes of Turkey are already for him. The Turkish football federation, in fact, in 2013 approved the contested yabancı kuralı, norm that tried to stop foreign players’ arrival to the Süper Lig. Anatolian clubs are almost forced to find some Turkish talent abroad: the sons of diaspora, grown up in the most advanced structures of Europe (most of all in Germany and Netherlands) are constantly observed. Emre Mor is part of the group and an agent, always more present in the last years, is interested in him: Muzzi Ozcan, the figure that brightly links England and Turkey in many business deals every year. He notes Emre’s talent and he’s not the only one: in Denmark, by the way, the guy is beginning to shine. Nordsjealland win the race to get him on the 29th of January 2015, just a little more than 12 months ago. Since then, Emre Mor’s career will be a musical crescendo.
In his U-19 Danish National Team debut he will show his skills, but it’s the fascination of his family’s homeland that will definitely conquer him. Emre wants to play for the Milli Takım since Fatih Terim calls him, just some months after his Danis U-19 debut. On January 2016 also a big offer comes in, from Galatasaray, that in their worst sportive year were close to a great deal. Nothing happened at the end, with Mor staying at Nordsjaelland and waiting for another call. First of all the Turkish Under 19, with a game. It’s enough for Fatih Terim: the Imperator calls him in the Euro 2016 pre-list, and after surprisingly giving him some playing time against Montenegro, he decides to bring him to France, leaving home a local star like Gökhan Töre.

Player’s Description

Emre Mor is described by many observers as a humble and shy guy. In spite of this fame, he was seen quite active on the social media, and this brought to some misunderstandings with the Turkish federation.
The transfer talks, with a Snapchat post about a “low” offer by Borussia Dortmund for him, showed another face of the Turkish-Danish talent.
By joking about his possible “low” 1-million price tag, Mor showed to be clearly ambitious. Beyond being quite mature, for his age. He showed it too, by talking about himself to the UEFA official website:

When I am in the right mood, I feel that I am capable of practically anything. If I have got a bad start to a game, though, I may get a bit down and ask to be substituted. When I am in a bad mood and use that in a bad way, I can be my own worst enemy, but it is something I have become better at handling, and which I now use in a positive way.


Central forward, winger or second forward

Pro and cons

UP: technical ability, dribbling, maturity, speed
DOWN: goal-scoring ability, right foot to improve