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Gonzalo Nicolás Martínez



By Alex Alija Čizmić – 20 February 2016
River Plate
Technical Skills

Offensive. El Pity Martínez plays and has played mainly in a 4-2-3-1 formation, both in Huracán and now in River Plate. His favourite position is on the left and he renounces to play on the opposite side curving inwards to his left foot. Despite of this peculiarity El Pity often decided to head towards the centre of the pitch, passing the ball to centre strikers or to attacking midfielders, trying to provide assists or to kick with his left foot.
As an alternative, he goes to cross the ball from the bottom line. His fine ball control, alongside a great amount of tricks, especially with his body, helped him to create numerical superiority, every time El Pity plays the ball. His main weakness is his tendency to isolate himself from the match, becoming a foreign body in the team. Martínez is a great goalscorer and he is often in penalty cause of his ability to read well the game.

Defensive. He often doesn’t help the full-backs of his team in defense, not because he lacked sacrifice but due to his physique (1,72 cm, 75 kilos) who disadvantage him in tackles. El Pity should improve in his moves without ball.






On 13th June 1993 (a good year for world football) Gonzalo Nicolas Martínez was born. Fifth son of Luis and Liliana Martínez, his birthplace is Guaymallén, in the department of Greater Mendoza, in Mendoza province. A place, in the western part of Argentina, very far from the heart of Argentinian football. Since he was a child “El Pity” has dreamt of playing in a club of Buenos Aires. After a spell at EDI (Sauce district youth academy), Martínez played for Boca Bermejo, Efao, Andes Talleres. When he was a teenager, “El Pity” got successful trials with Boca, Banfield and River. Due to bureaucratic problems he couldn’t join them. In Martínez’s career the turning point was the meeting with Marcelo Simonian, famous Argentinian agent (among others he is agent of Éver Banega and Javier Pastore). The man of Armenian descent “bought” Gonzalo (15.000 dollars) thanks to the recommendation of Goyo Carrizo, talent scout in Mendoza area. Thanks to Simonian Martínez joined Huracán, the same club where Javier Pastore grew up. “El Pity”, as many others great talents, he rushed into things: number 10 shirt (the same he used to wear when he played in youth teams) and talent for a team which in 2014 has lived a fantastic season: promotion to Primera División and a Copa Argentina‘s triumph. For the first time since 1974 Huracán played Copa Libertadores. During this successful season Martínez was decisive with six goals and four assist in 26 games. Enough to capture the attention of River Plate coach Marcelo Gallardo. “Millonarios” buy “El Pity” for 4,5 million dollars  (acquiring 75% of Gonzalo’s ownership) and the player from Mendoza signed a 3-year-contract. Gonzalo became member of the team who supported when he was a child.  El Muñeco picks well in Mendoza, a region famous for wine.
A sparkling wine whose bubbles have given and will give something magic.

Player’s Description

Gonzalo has been described by his parents as “quiet, balanced, humble”. Despite  his fame, “El Pity” is shy and has a strong connection with his roots,. If you ask him what he would have done instead of playing football, his answer is always the same- “I don’t know, I have never thought about it”. Martínez likes “futbol” and he is devoted to his passion, as reported also River Plate members and fans. In 2015, when Gonzalo signed the contract with River Plate, he became father. Furthermore “El Pity”’s agent said that the player asked him not to accept offers from foreign clubs, because he wants to assert himself in Argentina. Humble, wise, prudent, some qualities which can only help his career.



Pro and cons

 UP: technical skills, dribbling, professional behaviour, goalscoring

DOWN: physique, weaker foot, no-ball possession