Hirving Lozano



By Aniello Luciano – 2 May 2015
Technical Skills

Offensive: Right-footed, Hirving Lozano can either play on the right or left side, without losing his skills, such as change of pace, ball control, ability to cross and kick toward the goal. Lozano is a typical winger with low centre of gravity that creates numerical superiority. He prefers playing “alone” more than looking for one-two passes, something that somehow hinders his football growth.

Defensive: Hirving isn’t always focused and clear headed to provide good technical performances, but he is working on this aspect in view of a possible transfer in Europe. Due to his height Lozano lacks aerial ability.






In the Pachuca area people call him “Chucky”, because his name sounds similar to a bloody character created by American screenwriter Don Mancini. Despite his age, Hirving Lozano shows enough quality to always be clinical in front of the goal. The way he scores is one of the most simple ever seen on football pitch. As he seems asleep, he suddenly shows a sprint which can “kill” any opponent. Thanks to these abilities it was natural for the Mexican winger to become a leading character against players of his same age. He shows the personality of an experienced footballer, and he has a surprising pace. Only Haiti were spared from Lozano’s talent. During that match Hirving was on the bench because, due to yellow cards, he was facing the risk of a ban (he couldn’t have played final against Panama led by Ismael Diaz). In that final Lozano proved himself to be a “crack” (as his opponent Diaz), ready to play in Europe soon.
After all, the Pachuca talent was predestined to do everything so quickly. A winning goal dedicated to his wife and daughter at “Azteca Stadium”, a brace and four assists provided in “Chucky”’s first match at 2015 Concacaf  U20 Championship, a tournament ended with a gold medal and the best goalscorer award. A goal and an assist in the opening match of Lozano’s Concacaf Champions League first campaign. Are we seeing the birth of a new star? Hirving didn’t immediately realise it, and decided to grow step by step. After these stunning performances “Chucky” tried to learn as much as possible from Meza, his coach and mentor. He listened to El Ojitos‘ advices, worked hard trying to do what his manager said. Lozano took the ball, went towards the goal with the same smile he had when at 11 he used to hide himself under his team-mates’ beds to scare them (his nickname takes its origin from that habit). Even with Uruguayan coach Diego Alonso on Pachuca’s bench, for Lozano, results are yet to be achieved. Because life forces you to slow down, just a bit. “God timing is correct“,  as Meza kept on telling him. And he was right, as the following transfer to Dutch outfit PSV Eindhoven proved that Lozano is not just a one-hit wonder.

Player’s Description

At 20, he is mature enough, also thanks to his role as father (Lozano’s first daughter was born on 2014). This new responsibility helped him to improve faster. He didn’t repeat those mistakes that forced his managers, in the past, (for example Hans Westerhoff his coach at U17 Pachuca team) to reprimand him.



Pro and cons

UP: personality, change of pace, dribbling, ball control, clinical finish.

DOWN: inconsistency during the match, lack of defensive awareness.