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Matheus Pereira



By Aniello Luciano – 22 June 2016
Technical Skills

Offensive. It is a pleasure for the eyes. Matheus has a fine technique, power and vision of the game. All these qualities must be combined with the continuity. The three quarters of the field is his promise land that he conquered thanks to his physical, already well-formed, and unpredictable world class play. Sometimes he exaggerates but he is often effective because he scores, provides an assist or at least creates numerical superiority. He loves to feel the contact with the ball, to carry the team on his shoulders and that’s why he moves back to build-up.

Defensive. Despite his physical and his personality he lacks in the defensive phase because he faces it without determination and the pace needed to stop the rival attacks and close down the spaces.






In the Lusophone countries, to add pseudonyms is a secular custom, sharpened through the years until becoming a true art.
Wherever it comes from, an apelido is sufficient to pinpoint the skills of a player we are observing. In Brasil, Matheus Pereira is the Pirulão, the man child. A nickname that, in spite the Corinthians Sub-17 player is still young, does not refer to immature behaviours but is simply augmentative. Because he is so highly charismatic that he seems an adult in a kids’ nest. With this image we have of him, a muscular structure even adds something more, giving authority to this elegance (or viceversa). The pace with whom he’s getting through major futebol is the same, regal and powerful as his shot, capable of cutting the pitch from one side to the other and shooting to the net from almost impossible positions. An offensive midfielder, great to see (his blood is anyway canarinho) but syncretic, for the way he contestualyzes the moments of fineness, so that he gained space also in a less offensive role. Closer to the area or lateral, he has a left foot that, on one side narrates the beauty of the past number 10 of Brazil, on the other side narrates its own story, by gaining a personal trophy and a team one (Lion City Cup and prize Prata de Casa as best Brazilian ’98 in 2013, Nike Cup Libertadores in 2014, Copinha and Sudamericano Sub-17 in 2015 and MVP at both Nike International Friendlies and Mundial de Clubes in Madrid). The next chapter will be signed at four hands with Elenko Sports and Fernando Garcia, the intermediary that manages the major part of his economic rights, and is already announced as full of action and a dramatic turn of events.

Player’s Description

Matheus Pereira has a strong and well defined personality, the joy and the typically South American charisma. These two characteristics have to be still under control because of his young age and his training formation.


Pro and cons

UP: creativity, vision, shot from the distance.

DOWN: movements without the ball, aerial play.