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Paul-Georges Ntep



By Aniello Luciano – 21 July 2015
Stade Rennais
Technical Skills

Offensive. Playing on sides is Ntep‘s bread and butter. Thanks to his burning sprints he creates numerical superiority and the right space to shoot on goal, starting from left flank going towards the goal using his right foot to kick. Ntep has a good technique, but he hasn’t a vaste range of moves being too often individualistic

Defensive. Defending is the weakest point of Ntep‘s way of playing, except some coverage using his explosive power.






Sleplessness, shortage of breath, palpitation. In Douala, economic capital of Cameroon, humidity could “kill” you. The young Paul-Georges has tired eyes and his heart goes faster for other reasons, while Ntep was looking at Cameroon Airlines’ planes (now this company has disappeared) with his sister. They held a suitcase with what was strictly necessary for the journey: clothes, personal belongings but not a ball. He would have discovered it later pushed by his desire to make friends in Ris-Orangis, southern suburb of Paris. At 8 Ntep has to see the world from an other point of view, protected by his aunt who lived in France as many other Cameroonian at the end of 20th century. Maybe cause of his early abandon of his home, maybe due to Ntep’s outgoing and irritable personality, Paul-Georges has an immediate feeling with the ball. It’s love and football became soon a personal matter. He said “goodbye” to his long-time friends and Ntep began his career as professional footballer. Draveil, Viry-Châtillon and  ESA Linas Montlhery, there Paul-Georges’ first club. He did everything quickly as Alfa Romeo on  Linas-Montlhery’s circuit (there died Italian driver Antonio Ascari). At the dawn of his maturity it was time to go faster and delay the braking spot. At Auxerre Ntep joined the first team but he wasn’t mature without a solid base. In order to avoid running off the road Paul-Georges started again from Championnat de France Amateur, the third tier of French football. With Auxerre reserve team he reached the fourth place in Group A, 5 points less than future champion Bastia. During 2011-2012 season Ntep played and scored (6 goals in 24 matches), despite his difficulties to absorb Laurent Fournier style of play and his new life made of cold winters and bus connections. He held on and he was right. New coach Jean-Guy Walleme guess that Paul-Georges needs only confiance and the chance to show free what he gets, without too many strategies. Something normal for a wing, who like face-to-face duels. In the past Auxerre, in the present Rennes, in the future who knows. Now Paul-Georges walks on his own, on his agile and strong legs. Keeping his spees. Towards victory.

Player’s Description

Outgoing, occasionally irritable, he had great self-confidence. Ntep‘s ego is so evident that sometimes could move his huge talent to the background.



Pro and cons

UP: acceleration, stamina, cross, unpredictability

DOWN: kick, attitude sometimes irritating

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