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Sergej Milinkovic-Savic



By Aniello Luciano – 25 July 2015
KRC Genk
Technical Skills

Offensive. On the pitch, in fact, he’s not one that saves energy, by interpretating different roles from one area to the other: central with Julien Gorius (Metz, 1985) in the 2-men line by Alex McLeish, ready to accompany the action on the offensive midfield line in Veljko Paunovic‘s Serbia. The centimeters to protect the ball from the opponents, touch it on long balls, get it in dangerous zones in his half of the pitch, the tactical smartness of occupying the space in the best possible way, all avoiding to show his principal issue: speed. In a long progression, however, the run is a good level one, also when the ball is not in possession. With the strong foot (right) he has control, vision and balistic qualities, used almost for shoots from the distance or passes short or middle range. Sometimes his goodwill brings him to forced passes and excessive work-rate, and contrasts. Nothing to worry about it. Sergej learnt that the way to the top is never short and on the pitch freedom of movement and think can’t be limited.

Defensive. Sergej is a player who takes well position and he has excellent aerial ability. Milinković-Savić is determinated, but he has to read better the game, especially playing situations change suddenly






There are no words for the strong ties between dad Nikola, decent jugo player at the end of the nineties, mum Milana Savic, former basketball player, and their sons, examples of familiar balance: double surname, following the Spanish rule, land that saw the birth of the kids (Llerida and Ourense were the football destinations of dad Nikola), imponent physical structure (not casually Vanja, the smallest one, is a goal-keeper) and passion for sports. And it doesn’t matter if at the end futbol trumphed on basket and led the first-born Sergej to follow firstly the steps towards maturity, both personal and professional. Some games for Vojvodina, club that taught him the basic technical knowledges, and a European U19 title (with Serbia in 2013) are the business card that brought him, last summer, to Cristal Arena, home stadium of KRG Genk. In the general indifference. That does not go in favour neither of that time’s technical director, Gunter Jacob, ready to leave something to the club that was having a few arguments with him (he will resign on the following January, NdA) nor of the kid, in a new agitated context, shown also by the sacking of mister Emilio Ferrera. At the end the talent scout ability of the Belgian director and the strength and goodwill of the young Serbian will manage to do it. Sergej will be soon ready for Jupiler Pro League and in the second part of the season he’ll manage to wear the first XI’s shirt, without leaving it anymore, with a prominent sense of leadership that will have its apex with the National Team, at the U-20 2015 World Cup, won against all the odds. However everyone that knows him well says how much he wants to gain all the aftermaths of so many sacrifices.

Player’s Description

Determinated guy, able to adapt himself to various formations. Sergej is devoted to fooball, trying to avoid bad actions and bad advisors.


Central midfielder.

Pro and cons

UP: determination, tactical sense, versatility, strength.

DOWN: speed.

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