Tino-Sven Sušić



By Aniello Luciano – 1 May 2015
Hajduk Split
Technical Skills

Offensive: Tino-Sven Sušić is a typical offensive midfielder who oscillates between inside midfielder and “number 10” and plays in central position in a 4-1-4-1 formation. In this part of the field Tino-Sven prefers playing on flanks closer to the opposite penalty area, because he hasn’t a good sprint.
Thank to his physical skills and his levels he could be useful to “string together” the play, as we could observe recently in a national team match, even if his timing isn’t enough to be playmaker. Long-range shot and his ability to protect the ball are some of his most important skills.

Defensive: Sušić is able to play with order and in the right position but Sušić isn’t always  rude and quick enough in coverage to be a future box-to-box midfielder.






He could be the first Bosnian player in club’s history, except Silvano Martina, reserve goalkeeper in 1972-1973 season and now Nemanja Vidic‘s agent, born in Sarajevo in former Yugoslavia. It’s unknown, if Hajduk Split and Inter Milan find an agreement but for his background Tino-Sven Sušić is already special. The 24-years-old is the nephew of Safet Sušić, one of the legends of Balkan football. Considering many doubts as in every transfer from a foreign league (outside Croatia Sušić has  really no experience), it’s interesting to discover what kind of player is this guy grew up in Wallonia, Belgium. Sušić is an adaptable midfielder, in his short career he covered every position in centre field: winger, inside midfielder, offensive midfielder and also playmaker. Many roles, a constant: his left foot. It’s enough watch him playing. Thanks to his physique (186 centimetres, 78 kilos) and his technical skills we can consider the Hajduk player a modern footballer, who can play both with strength and with class. What is really interesting, the reason of Sušić’s high market value is that Tino-Sven’s talent is mainly something potential, unexplored, which was conditioned by an injury, when he played at Standard Liège. Summarizing it in numbers, seven caps for Croatian national team are so few for a player who is considered the best U-23 talent in Croatia and the star of Igor Tudor‘s team. Although it’s evident that his coach, the former Juventus and Siena full-back, did a great work on Sušić and made him attractive for important clubs like Inter, the same team supported by the player. In other words Tino-Sven is a “potential” key player. Sušić’s Serie A impact will give a further explanation about his real progress and his possible development, especially about tactics. Now Tino-Sven is a resistant attacking midfielder with explosive power who is able to move the ball even if the Croatian player has a wide visual field (Sušić prefers playing far from goal on the sides of the pitch to attack the central part of the field). This skill, with disposition and personality, makes possible that his new role as playmaker could be a good solution, even if Sušić has a lot to learn. Having said that it’s problem that Tino-Sven could be an all-around midfielder, a mix between an inside midfielder and a “number 10”. Able to read the game and to create offensive superiority, good tackling and decent football IQ. Everything more depends on Sušić’s continuity, also in the name of his uncle Safet.

Player’s Description

As he said in a interview, Sušić is a principled guy. He doesn’t love social life and Sven-Tino thinks only on working hard to play in an European top club, as Inter Milan, team supported by the guy when he was young.


Attacking midfielder

Pro and cons

UP: resistance, adaptability, long-range shot, read well the game

DOWN: not so quick in short spaces, he seldom uses his right foot