Yusuf Yazıcı



By Bruno Bottaro – 14 April 2017
Technical Skills

Offensive. His recent growth under coach Ersun Yanal‘s guidance makes Yusuf Yazıcı one of the most promising elements of the 2016/2017 Turkish Süper Lig. Since the opening of their new stadium at the beginning of January Trabzonspor gained a lot of self-belief, making room for the coach’s experiments.
Yazıcı took the opportunity, showcasing his skills both as a central midfielder and in a more offensive position, near the striker. A constant and improved synergy with Colombian winger Fabián Castillo made the rest, turning him into a key element of the team’s starting eleven. A very good pace, alongside his mature vision, ability to think and nice feet, helped by his easiness in the ball control, are pushing Yazıcı towards Fatih Terim‘s National Team and his name is expected to be in the next call-ups at the end of May.

Defensive. When playing as offensive midfielder, Yazıcı sometimes tends to neglect his defensive duties.
He’s obviously more at ease when he can back his team’s attacks.






In Trabzon it often rains.” Saturday 8th April, when Beşiktaş entered the new Trabzonspor arena, made no exception, with rain pouring down. In a match that will probably be remembered as the most beautiful of the 2016/2017 Süper Lig season, Trabzonspor lost 4-3 in the closing minutes of the game. Beyond the final result, it was another occasion for Yusuf Yazıcı, who played a stunning match delivering 2 assists. It was another game that proved his maturity, another step forward for a boy that wasn’t born so far from the new artificial island of the town. Yazıcı’s story has always been closely linked with Trabzonspor and their town, Trabzon. Born and raised on the Black Sea, Yazıcı has never worn a different shirt. He’s part of a beautiful generation, the one between ’92 and ’99 that saw a lot of local talents emerging from 1461 Trabzon,  Trabzonspor’s B-team, the realization of Sadi Tekelioğlu‘s youth project. After being raised in one of the best Turkish football schools, Yazıcı doesn’t immediately get the world’s attention. It’s just from the Under-19 that he would constantly be in the National Team’s squads, then featuring in the Under 21 as well. His official debut happens in the 2015/2016 season, at the end of an awful year for Trabzonspor.
The only bright side was that many youth products were launched; amongst them, he played the right cards in the right moment. His tactical awareness, which allows him to cover different positions, is immediately noticed by football scouts: he starts as a central midfielder but he’s often moved upfront, also playing as a right-back on one occasion. He showed his best in the middle of the pitch, and many could see it in the 6-0 thrashing over Rizespor in the “Black Sea derby” at the end of the season: 2 goals and 2 assists for the Trabzon-born guy, that in spite of a difficult beginning would confirm his qualities also in the 2016/2017 campaign, with coach Ersun Yanal coming back to town. Yazıcı’s left-footed wonder against Galatasaray and his sumptuous performance against Beşiktaş came as a logical consequence. Meanwhile, Trabzonspor found a new 20-years-old star, grown a few steps from his own supporters: the humble claret-and-blue wonderkid Yusuf Yazıcı.

Player’s Description

“Always the best ones leave us. May your soul find peace in heaven, Halit Akçatepe.”
With this sentence, Yazıcı said farewell to one of the most famous Turkish actors of the last decades, and one of the player’s idles as a kid. A legend for those who grew up in Trabzon, where the channel “Star TV”, often showing Akçatepe‘s smiling facial expressions, is one of the most watched. Furthermore, the message from Yazıcı came in a tough period between Fenerbahçe and Trabzonspor, with hatred messages and even an assault to the away fans’ bus in 2014. Such a message to Akçatepe, a well known Fener fan, isn’t a easy position for a 20-year-old guy, a display of maturity also outside the pitch.


Central and advanced midfielder

Pro and cons

PROS. Left foot, tactical vision, dribbling skills, speed

CONS. Attitude to the defensive phase, use of the weaker foot