Reus, Götze, Schürrle; friends in Dortmund

It’s not yet time to see him playing together. Due to Marco Reus’ injury.

In any case Borussia Dortmund’s trio composed of BVB captain, Mario Götze and André Schürrle make already dream the “Yellow Wall” who wait for German Super Cup on 14 th August.

Three guys, “two World champions and half” as they called their Whatsapp group who would want to write a new winning chapter in Borussia Dortmund’s history. With anyone who has to do his part.

The 27-years-old talent Reus, one of the last key players of BVB led by Jürgen Klopp, has the possibility to be a emotional leader of the team after Gündoğan and Hummels’ departure and also to cancel the disappointment for Euro 2016 forfait due to another injury. Götze, born in 1992, should show again his skills, Mario has to demonstrate that he is yet the man who scored the winning goal in 2014 World Cup Final and the player who shook Germany and Europe.

A great talent “lost” in Munich due to injuries and to two managers, Ancelotti and especially Guardiola who hasn’t given him confidence. Pep appreciated his class and he wasn’t satisfied of Götze’s attitude.

Then there is Schürrle. Someone considered him as one of the best “substitute players” in Europe. The man from Ludwigshafen who decided to come back to Germany after Premier League at Chelsea. André played just a quite disappointing season for Wolfsburg and now he would start to start again in Ruhr.

A trio of player who began his senior career in different corners of Germany: Götze in Dortmund, Reus between Ahlen and Mönchengladbach, Schürrle in Mainz where André made his debut under a young coach, Thomas Tuchel, his new manager at BVB. Their first meeting as team-mates were in 2012. German national team coach Joachim Löw called the three talented players for the first time almost simultaneously. “Jogi” was building the squad for Euro 2012. There in Poland and Ukraine Reus, Götze, Schürrle were part of the team which lose to Italy in the semi-finals. No one of them was a protagonist.


After this tournament Reus and Götze became team-mates also in the club. Marco was signed after being named “German Footballer of the year” and with Mario helped their team to achieve Champions League final lost to Bayern Munich in London.

Revolutionary football and a strong side led by this couple of guys, labelled by Franz Beckenbauer as “the strongest duo in the world”. Everything lasted one year, because Mario Götze signed a new contract for Munich.

The friendship between Reus and Götze (also with Schürrle) has never ended. Thanks to German national team. Again. They have been team mates during 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign and they seem to live together the Brazilian tournament. However Reus suffered an ankle injury which forced him to skip World Cup. A tournament that “Nationalmannschaft” won and after final against Argentina at “Maracanã” Schürrle and Götze, who respectively assisted and scored the winning goal for Germany, showed Reus’ shirt. Marco was at home celebrating and posting congratulations on his Facebook account.


Now he hopes to celebrate a triumph together with his two friends. If only with Borussia Dortmund.

Put together Reus, Götze, Schürrle is one of the most exciting challenges for Thomas Tuchel, who is trying to build a new Borussia.

If everything will work, it depends on football system and on each player. If something won’t work, it will last a great friendship between three of the best talents in the recent history of German football.