German coach Joachim Löw and his key experience in Turkey

He has a good name now, because he was 100% a gentleman and a good coach. Löw is well considered by the fans and still receives offers from Turkish clubs”.

Leaving a mark beyond the Bosphorus isn’t easy, especially when the trophy wall remains empty.
Anyway Adnan Akbaba‘s words (he was the interpreter of Löw‘s Adanaspor in 2000) to Die Welt testify it: a forgotten parenthesis, removed or not so much considered in his career, is the beginning of Löw‘s travel as a coach, in Turkey, before the victories in Austria and meeting with Jürgen Klinsmann.
From Adana, the town that hosts one of the hottest derbies in Turkey, second just to the Izmir and Istanbul ones, Löw will collect a fundamental experience for the rest of his career. And every time he will decide to get back to the Crescent-Stars country (something he rather does quite often recently), he will always feel at home.


In Germany we live together with Turkish people, as neighbours. The Turkish-German friendship can’t be damaged”,

Löw said before TurkeyGermanyEuro 2008‘s semifinal. A derby for a whole community, beyond of it a match full of meanings for the German coach arrived in Istanbul in 1998 to train Fenerbahçe.

In Istanbul a classic playwright goes on: a title that doesn’t arrive, resignation at the end of the season also because of the cumbersome presence of president Aziz Yıldırım (thinking about it, not so many things have changed), but also a heavy legacy left to his successors.

Just now Fenerbahçe’s people say that Löw’s football style was the best of the last 15 years”,

as Harun Arslan said, in his role as football players’ advisor at that time. Bosphorus crushes the Schwarzwald man, although appreciated in spite of his final third place in the league. After some months, a phone call from the South attracts him: Adanaspor are calling.

With the beginning of the new Millennium, Löw is presented as a new coach for the Adana orange Tigers.

It was an Abenteuertrip (an adventure, ndr) […]. I got away six weeks later, in the club there was a complete chaos”,

former Verona and Roma player Thomas Berthold will say about that Adana period. Löw will last more than six weeks, until a defeat against Nevio Scala‘s Beşiktaş will force him on the way out. Three months, lived where the tastiest kebap in the world is born (the spicy Adana Kebabı). All these months seem to be forgotten, forever. Nobody consider them, anymore. Nobody except him, that narrated to have built there the next steps of his career.

I enjoyed a lot that period. Especially at Fenerbahçe I had a great relationship with everyone. I was conquered by the incredible hospitality there. When I was around I got invited by unknown people. They were sometimes poor people that divided their food with me. This thing left a mark on me”.

A bridge between Germany and Turkey, a fundamental moment in the personal growth of Joachim Löw. Maybe, from the Abenteuertrip in Adana to the 100th win as German national team coach there’s not so much distance.