Time to Visit Russia

“Poyekhali!”, “Let’s go!”: such were the simple, immediate and hopeful words pronounced by Yuri Gagarin on 12th April 1961, while his spacecraft Vostok 1 was about to take off, giving him the rightful title of “first human in space”.
57 years later, Yuri Gagarin’s Russia is about to take off once again, this time hosting its first FIFA World Cup. As our mentor Federico Buffa reminds us, Russia’s love for football has been shaped by one of its most important moments back in 1936, when a game was set up and played on the Red Square in Moscow to impress Stalin, who would eventually very much enjoy the show.

82 years after that game, Russia and its football will welcome the next World Cup, an event that has the power to remain within people’s minds like very few ones.

There will be 11 cities, 12 stadiums, 1 big country: after partnering up with Visit Russia and Ostrovok.ru, MondoFutbol and its crew are ready to explore 5 of the hosting cities, whereas Kaliningrad, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan and Moscow.
Our followers will find the best moments, pictures and pieces on our page, during and after our trips through Russia.

It’s time to stay tuned.

We want to wish a good journey to ourselves, but most importantly to our loyal followers and readers, who will live this adventure with MondoFutbol, Visit Russia and Ostrovok.ru. It’s time to visit Russia: poyekhali, let’s go!