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Paolo Condò talks about his passion for football

On November 7, 2016 MondoFutbol wanted to meet all the friends of this year and more of his life. Paolo Condò is certainly one of them. A lifetime watching Fútbol for the World, today at Sky, Paolo has always been generous with suggestions and compliments for MondoFutbol. Also and above all for this reason, he decided to undergo the MF Questionnaire, built to measure the passion for the game. He replied promptly, adding that he had fun filling it out. Above all, during the MF Evening, he told us a story, experienced on one of his trips. A story for MondoFutbol from MondoFutbol , the passion for Fútbol in every corner of the world. Its corner this time is South America, Argentina, and it is almost a duty to share it with all true enthusiasts. Here.

And here is the MF Questionnaire.

Name and class of birth (as you do with footballers)
Paolo Condò, 1958.

Where do you live?
I live in Brianza, in a town of three thousand souls called Sirtori. 40′ from Sky, 60′ from the center of Milan.

What are you and what would you like to be?
I’m a fairly successful journalist, I’d like to be a TV series author. Of those blockbusters, like Lost or House of Cards.

A book
Eureka Street, by Robert McLiam Wilson.

A song
“Oh che sarà”, by Fiorella Mannoia.

A Sports Hero
Muhammad Ali.

In addition to football, a sport
Basketball. Lately I’ve discovered golf (age, obviously).

First football memory
Eusebio at the ’66 World Cup, the comeback against North Korea. And Italy’s matches, of course.

First player to score you
Eusebius, in fact.


First race seen live and commented
Opicina Supercaffè-Primorec, Trieste’s second category, for a weekly magazine called Trieste Sport.

Three journalists to always follow
My favourite journalist is Marco Pastonesi, a former Gazzetta who is now retired. I would like to add Flavio Tranquillo and, from today’s Gazzetta, Pierfrancesco Archetti.

Which pages of a newspaper do you never fail to read?
I’ve always loved foreign policy. That was fine, but my initial goal was to be a war correspondent.

Was Brera the Master of all of us?
Brera has been and will be the best for a long time to come. Maestro I wouldn’t say: many have tried to copy it, with negative results (and I’m elegant).

A current player
Andrés Iniesta (in addition to Messi, of course).

A historic player
Johan Cruijff (in addition to Diego, of course).

A stadium

The Dream Team
Brazil in the ’70s.

Which player would you go for a beer and a long chat with? And with which coach?
De Rossi seems to me to be an interesting man. Among coaches, I always choose Guardiola.

A historical phrase that accompanies you
The world is not enough.

The game of history is…
The Maracanazo.

Which historic match would you have liked to attend?
Italy 4-3 Germany in ’70.

Which little-known player will mark the football of the future?
It depends on what we mean by “little known”: is Sané worth it? And what about Gabriel Jesus? Otherwise I say Augustin, from RB Leipzig.

Which coach?

Your Eleven of All Time
This is a mess. So, going only on people I’ve seen (live or on TV), but who have already retired (4-2-3-1): Tomaszewski; Carlos Alberto, Bobby Moore, Beckenbauer, Maldini; Xavi, Neeskens; Cruyff, Pelé, Maradona; Ronaldo (the Phenomenon). There are some stretches, such as the two “frees” (but an Englishman could not be missing) or the three number 10s: but if Brazil in ’70 lined up 5, it means that it can be done.


Thank you Paul
It was fun.